Original Articles & Content Rates

Articles and content are written using the keyword or keywords you supply.  Our work is 100% unique and checked using Copy Scape.  We are able to write articles on just about any subject and each one is researched to ensure accuracy.  We guarantee our work, so if an article does not meet your expectations you may request a rewrite within 3 working days of receiving our completed work.  Our goal is to keep you happy by supplying you with quality content.

Our rates for original articles and content is 0.02 per word.  You are only charged for the number of words you request.  If we have to go over by a few words, you will not be charged.  The following are examples of our rates based on the word length of the content:

Article Writing Rates

Please use our Contact page to send us the details of the articles or content you want written – such as keywords, article length, and the number of articles.  We will respond with an estimated time of delivery and request your Paypal address at that time for invoicing purposes.  Payments are due in advance before we begin any work.

NOTE:  A word about keyword density.  Most of the SEO plugins and software you use may suggest a keyword density of 2% – 3%.  Keyword stuffing is one sure way to to have your articles refused by article directories or to get your site de-indexed by Google.  We suggest keeping your keyword density to around 1%, so your articles flow better and they don’t read as if they were written specifically for SEO purposes.  Remember, the key is to have your content provide value to the reader and you can absolutely rank well with a keyword density of 1%.

PLR Rewrites

Let’s face it, some PLR articles are fairly decent yet others read like they were written by someone who has not yet mastered the English language.  You have to remember, too, that PLR articles are sold over and over again and you really don’t want to publish the same content that everyone else is publishing.  In order to really be effective, PLR articles should be rewritten so they are unique.

We’ll take your PLR articles, rewrite them, and put them through CopyScape to ensure they’re unique.  All PLR rewrites are done by hand and we don’t use article spinners or any other type of software to generate the new articles.

The following are are rates for rewriting PLR articles:

PLR Rewrite Rates

Please use our Contact page to schedule your PLR rewrites.  Once we hear from you, we will let you know where to email your PLR articles, how long it will take for us to complete the rewrites and we will also request your Paypal address for invoicing.  Payments are due in advance before we begin any work.